About Us

TheCDBook – Your gateway to triumph

TheCDBook, with a history spanning over a decade and a clientele in the thousands, is a Ghostwriting company. Our success recipe? We combine top-notch quality, reasonable pricing, expert writers, and a dedicated, passionate team that adores the art of creation.

Our primary goal is to ensure you’re thoroughly satisfied with our services. Be it authoring a fantasy novel rivalling “Harry Potter”, scripting a drama surpassing “Bridgerton” and “The Last of Us”, or recording a podcast to dominate Spotify, we’ve got you covered!

Why choose us?

Every story is worthy of being shared. And every story penned involves enormous creativity, patience, and comprehension.

Out of countless ghostwriting agencies, why should we be your preference? Over our years of operation, we’ve mastered the art of grasping client needs instantly. We’ll assist in determining your writing style, shaping your idea, and actualizing your dream.

We offer an extensive array of services and are confident in fulfilling your requirements and desires. We stringently adhere to the privacy policy, ensuring legal protection and full transfer of copyrights to you, regardless of the service provided

Our promise to you includes:

  • Expert Ghostwriters
  • High-quality, unique content and writing style
  • Complete rights transfer
  • Adherence to stipulated deadlines
  • Detailed outline
  • Affordable pricing
  • Wide genre variety
  • Personalized approach
  • Strict compliance with your requirements
  • Continuous communication with your personal manager
  • Total confidentiality
  • A multitude of additional services

Should I hire a Ghostwriter?

A Ghostwriter is a professional experienced in writing books for publication. Our authors boast vast experience across various genres and topics. Be it fiction or non-fiction, memoirs, biographies or anything else, we have the perfect author for your topic, style, experience and preferences.

Are you overflowing with ideas but unsure of how to compile them? Lacking time to pen down your thoughts? Or do you have numerous drafts but no time? Perhaps a blank page sends you into a spin? That’s where a Ghostwriter steps in.

Our team has all the requisite skills to produce high-quality, engaging, and compelling content. From the initial consultation to the final manuscript, we assure top-level execution, considering even the slightest preferences and details.

We can aid with book writing, editing, cover design, and more. We also offer additional services like publishing assistance, audiobook production, video trailers, scriptwriting, and more!

Our managers will devise the most suitable and comprehensive plan for all your needs.

All credit and success of the book are yours, as it was you who proposed the idea and found the determination to embark on the challenging journey of book writing. Although our services will greatly assist, they remain invisible, and you will be the sole owner of the book