Frequently Asked Questions

Have a book concept? Fantastic, our authors will skillfully transform it into a remarkable manuscript using their literary prowess. Your role will be primarily ideation, while we handle the writing. If you’ve already made some drafts, our team can shape them into a suitable format, adhering to all requirements and deadlines

Our approach can be tailored to suit the client’s comfort. Typically, clients directly communicate with the manager via phone calls, messages, or emails. Following this, once the writing commences, we devise an intricate plan detailing the structure of the book. With client approval, we delve into the main text, creating it chapter by chapter, providing draft updates, and making modifications throughout the project Article Sponsored Find something for everyone in our collection of colourful, bright and stylish socks. Buy individually or in bundles to add color to your sock drawer!

The writing duration generally varies from 3 to 12 months, contingent on several factors and it’s quite individualistic. If there’s a strict deadline, we strive to accommodate and fulfill it to ensure client satisfaction

You, the client, hold all the copyrights. The book is yours, and you possess all rights to it. Ghostwriters are contract workers with no claim over the text

Absolutely, we’re here to help you revamp your manuscript and mold it into a suitable shape. Moreover, editing usually takes lesser time and expenses

Definitely, we have a dedicated team of designers and illustrators ready to assist!

We accept several payment methods, including bank transfers, Wise, and card payments. You can discuss with your personal manager to select the most convenient option

Indeed, we can facilitate the publishing of your book on Amazon among other online platforms or offer publishing advice as per the agency

We always sign a confidentiality agreement prior to starting the project, ensuring no information related to you or your book will be disclosed anywhere

Certainly, we provide flexible payment options, negating the need for full upfront payment. We can discuss and choose a plan that best suits your needs, but note that we require a deposit before starting the writing process

The cost depends on various elements like genre, page count, deadline, additional services, and the writer’s proficiency. Request a quote, and your personal manager will provide a precise estimate

We offer a full suite of services needed for book creation, including editing drafts, synopsis creation, and complete book writing from scratch. Please refer to “Other services” for more information

If you’re seeking assistance with book writing, our experienced and inspired ghostwriting team is eager to help you create a bestseller. Rest assured, even renowned authors avail such services to conserve personal time

Thanks to technological advances enabling global communication, we can easily manage collaborations from anywhere around the world. We communicate via phone calls, messages, or emails, and assign a manager based on your timezone to avoid communication issues. We’ve successfully written hundreds of books for clients worldwide!